Marine Omics Group

We love to use genomic, transcriptomic and proteomic tools to learn more about marine organisms.  We are interested in blue skies applications, like understanding more about ecological and evolutionary processes driving the patterns of diversity we see in marine taxa today and also more applied questions, like understanding fisheries stock structure to inform management, solving bottlenecks in aquaculture and investigating more about toxins and slimes in cephalopods with real world applications for medicines and biomimetics. We work on organisms from a range of environments – the tropics to Antarctica and coastal waters to the deep-sea.

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Latest News

Octopus DNA predicts future West Antarctic ice sheet collapse

Sally Lau led a fantastic study published in Science which used octopus DNA to discover that the West Antarctic Ice ...
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There are many more blue-ringed octopuses than you think there are…..

Brooke Whitelaw led a fantastic study investigating species diversity in the iconic blue-ringed octopus genus, Hapalochlaena. Using genome-wide SNP data ...
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Securing Antarctica’s Environmental Future (SAEF) conference in Adelaide – Sally wins research prize!

Nikki, Sally, and Jan had a blast at the SAEF conference in Adelaide. Held at the National Library, it was ...
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Sampling Marine Invertebrates at the Australian Antarctic Division

Nikki, Sally, Nerida, and Jan sampled Antarctic marine invertebrates at the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD). We collected tissue samples to ...
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Congratulations Graduates!

Dr Sally Lau and Prof Jan Strugnell Dr Legana Fingerhut, Dr Ira Cooke and Dr Chloe Boote Team support All ...
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Genomic evidence for West Antarctic Ice Sheet collapse during the Last Interglacial Period

The latest in Antarctic research from the Marine Omics lab, Sally, Ira and Jan used a novel genomic approach to ...
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DNA reveals the past and future of coral reefs

A new paper by Jia in Molecular Biology and Evolution showcases the power of whole genome sequencing to understand adaptive ...
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Emerging biological archives can reveal ecological and climatic change in Antarctica

Jan led a paper with co-authors from Securing Antarctica’s Environmental Future (SAEF) to highlight the utility and power of biological ...
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Is the Southern Ocean ecosystem primed for change or at the cliff edge?

New editorial by Sally and Jan in Global Change Biology (full article here), explores the unprecedented environmental risks and consequences ...
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Townsville bulletin news story: Study needs DNA of deer

Matt was recently interviewed by the local newspaper about his PhD project on chital deer. Did you know that the ...
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