Marine Omics Group

We love to use genomic, transcriptomic and proteomic tools to learn more about marine organisms.  We are interested in blue skies applications, like understanding more about ecological and evolutionary processes driving the patterns of diversity we see in marine taxa today and also more applied questions, like understanding fisheries stock structure to inform management, solving bottlenecks in aquaculture and investigating more about toxins and slimes in cephalopods with real world applications for medicines and biomimetics. We work on organisms from a range of environments – the tropics to Antarctica and coastal waters to the deep-sea.

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Latest News

Ira at the UQ Winter School

Ira gave a talk on the genomics of non-model organisms at the UQ Winter School in Mathematical and Computational Biology ...
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Abalone sampling at Southern Ocean Mariculture

Jan and Phoebe visited Southern Ocean Mariculture (SOM) in Port Fairy, Victoria at the start of July to collect samples ...
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8th International Barcode of Life Conference

Jan gave a plenary lecture at the 8th International Barcode of Life Conference in Trondheim, Norway on June 19. Jan ...
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Exciting genetics and glaciology collaboration underway!

Last week Sally and Jan, together with Nerida Wilson from Western Australian Museum, visited our collaborators Prof Tim Naish and ...
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Sally Lau wins Antarctic Science Bursary!

Well done to PhD student Sally Lau who won an Antarctic Science International Bursary! The bursary will help Sally to ...
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Jan and Laura on the cover of Marine and Freshwater Research

Special issue focusing on women in Marine Science in Australia featuring Jan Strugnell and Laura Woodings ...
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Distribution of Palinuridae and Scyllaridae phyllosoma larvae within the East Australian Current: a climate change hot spot

Laura Woodings, Nick Murphy, Andrew Jeffs, Iain Suthers, Geoff Liggins and Jan M. Strugnell Laura sequenced the barcoding gene, Cytochrome oxidase ...
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SEMINAR “Antarctica and its evolution: rising sea levels”

Jan in front of S.E.A aquarium Last night (Sat 2nd March 2019), Jan gave a seminar at the spectacular S.E.A ...
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The evolution and origin of tetrodotoxin acquisition in the blue-ringed octopus (genus Hapalochlaena)

Brooke L. Whitelaw, Ira R. Cooke, Julian Finn, Kyall Zenger, J.M. Strugnell Blue ringed octopus make use of a deadly ...
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